Instant Cash Sweepstakes : Fun Polls to Win Cash

Answer three quick and fun multiple-choice poll questions and win your daily prize

– either lottery tickets (number of tickets varies each win), “COINS” to be entered in cash prize drawings (or converted to lottery tickets for extra chances), and/or an instant cash prize. Lottery tickets are entered in the daily drawing to win $50 cash. COINS are entered in $2 cash drawing held very 4 hours. InstantWinCrazy NOTE – good site, polls are entertaining, the site pays you quickly when you cash out.

  • TYPE OF GAME:¬†Survey / Poll
  • PRIZES YOU CAN WIN: Instant Cash Prize – small cash amounts (varies) – cash out to your Paypal when you have as little as $2.00. Daily Ticket Lottery – $50 cash prize. Every 4 Hour COIN Lottery – $2 cash prize.
  • WHO CAN ENTER: Residents of the United States who reside in the U.S., 18 years or older
  • MAXIMUM ENTRIES ALLOWED: Limited amount of poll plays per 24-hour period. Number of polls each player can take grows as their “Trustscore” grows.

Hi Folks — The InstantCashSweepstakes site is no longer operating.

Check out our Top Five Survey Sites post for some other great options for paid surveys and polls.

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