PaidViewpoint Cash Surveys

A great site to earn cash taking quick surveys. Take Traits surveys (small collections of questions to help them get to know you and your interests better) that increase your TraitScore (higher TraitScore means more surveys and more pay). Then receive emails offering you paid surveys geared to you!

One of the really good things about this particular survey site is the surveys tend to be quite short and quick to take. (NOTE: this requires you to validate your account via your phone. I have joined this program and have not had any problem or calls from them other than the initial automated verification.)

  • TYPE OF REWARDS PROGRAM: Paid Research Surveys
  • REWARDS YOU CAN EARN: You earn small cash amounts immediately after completing a Market Research survey and also for some of your Traits surveys. It actually adds up pretty quickly, and you can cash out to PayPal and get paid when you have $15.00 USD.
  • WHO CAN ENTER: Worldwide (NOTE: must have a PayPal account to cashout your earnings)
  • HOW OFTEN ARE SURVEYS AVAILABLE: Receive email invite or check each day to see if you have a new survey waiting for you (often daily for the Traits surveys)

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