Winning Tips and Hints

Tips and Advice for Playing and Winning Online Instant Win Games

Here’s some hints that just might help you get that “instant winner” prize-winning moment when you receive the message that you won a prize!


  • HINT #1 : Make sure you follow all the official rules and check to make sure you are eligible to play. If the rules say only one entry allowed – don’t play again and risk being eliminated from any sweepstakes random drawing they may also have.
  • HINT #2 : If you win an instant win prize – be sure to print out a hard copy on your printer as proof in case of problems.
  • HINT #3 : If you are allowed to play daily – do it! Increase your chances of winning. Play as often as they will let you – but don’t play more than allowed.
  • HINT #4 : Play the instant win game at an off-time (such as the middle of the night) when less people are entering to increase your chances. Remember, winning times are normally set randomly and the first person to enter after that time will be the winner.
  • HINT #5 : For games that allow multiple game plays – try varying the time of day you play, or the day of the week or month. They may have a setting that is creating more winners at certain game play times.
  • HINT #6 : If the game requires a UPC or Prize Code to play and you don’t have one – try going to the site anyway. They sometimes have a special link for you to click that will auto-generate a free Code for you.
  • HINT #7 : If the game doesn’t work on your computer (for example, it requires Flash and you don’t have the latest version) – you can usually still play anyway. They normally will provide a link to click to find out if you have won or not. Also, some instant win games offered only seem to work on certain browsers, so you may have to try a different one.
  • HINT #8 : If the game requires the purchase of a product and you don’t want to buy that product – most promotions allow you to send in a stamped self-addressed envelope to receive a free Game Piece WITHOUT purchase. Check the promotion’s rules section for the mailing address and how often this is allowed.
  • HINT #9 : Don’t forget to get yourself a new email address to use just for entering sweeps and playing instant win games. You’ll be glad you did ’cause you may start getting some newsletters and/or junk mails when you register your info at certain sites. Remember, it’s all part of sweeping!



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  1. JohnnyB85

    Another tip – If your browser allows it, fill out the auto-fill option. It helps with filling out your info much faster, so you can enter more contests/sweeps in less time.

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